Playing By Her Rules: Sifa Asani Gowon

Sifa Asani Gowon writes about strong women.  She is the author of ‘Playing by Her Rules‘ and ‘A Taste of Love‘, two novels that depict successful independent Nigerian women whose stories end with “happy endings”.


Her short stories have also been included in two anthologies,  ‘A Handful of Dust‘ (stories from the 2013 Farafina Trust Creative Writing workshop) and PepperSoup, featuring stories written by African women.

She describes her female characters as “multi-faceted and believable”, saying, “…it is in vulnerability, trials and pain that strength emerges. And that is how I like to tell my characters and their stories.”

Up until early 2018 Gowon and her business partner, ran Koko’s Kitchen, a culinary business. Together, they were part of the She Leads Africa Accelerator programme which aims to facilitate mentorship, support and provide opportunities to African female entrepreneurs.

Sifa Asani Gowon is the screenwriter on the EbonyLife TV series, ‘Sons of the Caliphate‘.


To mark 16 Days of Activism, I am honouring 16 Remarkable Women who painstakingly work to educate on gender inequality, human rights and putting an end to violence against women and girls.

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