Rallying Community: Nguavese Tracy Ogbonna

Nguavese Tracy Ogbonna teaches women in underserved communities how to engage with the government.
She is a development worker who works to enhance gender based development priorities in the area of conflict transformation, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), women’s participation in politics and the promotion of clean cooking for women.
Ogbonna believes that the bedrock for sustainable development is community cohesion. She strives to close critical gaps in promoting gender equality: stakeholder engagements, effective communication strategies, policy transformation, gender budgeting and monitoring and evaluation.
In teaching local communities how to effectively engage with governments and service providers,  Nguavese Tracy Ogbonna also teaches how to prioritise women’s involvement and active participation as critical stakeholders.
Ogbonna’s special focus as a development worker is creating effective communication strategies for development interventions that will empower communities in owning their development priorities for sustainable development.
To mark 16 Days of Activism, I am honouring 16 Remarkable Women who painstakingly work to educate on gender inequality, human rights and putting an end to violence against women and girls.

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  1. Dzungwe Joshua Torkuma says:

    She is indeed a rare gem. She mends broken souls. Congratulations my big sister

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