An Evening Under The Big Tent

Let’s talk about Friday night…

It had been months since I had spent leisurely time with other grown-ups, save one fun and relaxing evening drinking beers in Kaduna. With no offence to the cute munchkins in my life, I was more than happy to accept two invitations to hang out on the same evening!

I started out meeting a friend, RA, at Tutti Frutti – it turned out the branch on Wuse II branch had been closed for a while. Shelving our frozen yoghurt plans, we went to a little tea space (RA’s recommendation). We ordered kebabs, chicken wings and Arab tea.

I began the evening with amazing Arab tea (450x800)

The Arab tea was the best thing to pass through my lips in a long time (and a few days ago, I had scoffed some amazing mint fudge cookies) so that’s saying a lot! But, my evening had only just begun….

On to the Hilton!

This was the glorious scene that welcomed us at the Hilton:

1 (450x800)


3 (800x450)

This was the setting for Iftar, the meal to break the day’s fast. Transcorp Hilton’s Bukka restaurant hosts Iftar every night of the Ramadan.

I had expected more guests to take advantage of the cool breeze we were enjoying under the big tent. Rugs spread out over every inch beneath the large white and cold canopy. Large clay lamps, painted white; intricately designed metal lamps, ornate pillows, and beautiful brass pots.

My ever-curious nature had me raising lids and I discovered…figs! And dates, and pistachios. This evening was turning out just fine!

I think the pictures will do more justice:


Say cheese! (I forgot to check out the cheese board)

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