Au Revoir, mon Coeur!

Day 3 – March 28, 2016

I swear I left my heart in Kribi

After a long weekend in the place, I really hate to leave. On our last day at the seaside village, we had breakfast at Le Plaisir du Gout: croissants, bread, coffee; this time with strawberry jam (the first time I’m thoroughly enjoying strawberry jam). Somehow, the Polygones’ breakfast tasted better, but maybe it is because I am in a hurry to return to the rocks that had kept me company the previous day. Breakfast over, I pick up my slippers, fat book (The Cairo Trilogy) and the camera that Chiamy had loaned me (have I told you that I have amazing friends?). I walk to a nice patch of beach, drop the book on the slippers, and take some photos. The Atlantic is very cooperative. She gives me big breakers when I want them and I think I’ve got some really nice photos. I spot people my group has been hanging out with and take the book and camera back there. After a little horsing around with my friends’ kids, I stand on the edge of the beach, just where the waves lap at my feet and watch the swimmers. Some children are playing football too. The whole thing is just amazing. I walk to the set of rocks. The specific one I had been sitting on the day before is now totally submerged, the tide is so high. I find another one, a bit farther back on the beach but with maximum wave action. It isn’t as comfortable, so I move again. I find a nice flat rock and I spend about an hour there, getting splashed on by the roaring waves.

Eventually, it is time to go…I thank the sea, and return to Gites de Kribi. I shower, get dressed and begin packing. The family I am holidaying with returns from the swimming pool. We load the car and drive off to the fish market, with a brief detour saying hello to a couple who run a not-for-profit hospital, and Attempt 1 to buy petrol.

The fish market, as one can imagine, smells of fish but is otherwise scrupulously clean. We have a fish and shrimp lunch, accompanied by fried potatoes and the most succulent, well fried plantain slices I’ve eaten in a while. I’m determined that once I get home to Abuja, I would buy a bunch of plantains. I, however, revise that plan, considering I barely have time to sleep, not to mention time to cook. Stuff just gets thrown into the freezer. I dread returning and cleaning out that thing.

IMG_0553 (1024x683)

Lunch over, I walk the short distance to a souvenir trader. His partner is making tiny holes in shells. Walahi, the guy looks scary, especially since he is wearing all black, a small tight turban, and refuses to smile. I focus my attention on the one who doesn’t look like one of the assassins in The Mummy and buy some medium sized shells. I pick the oddest looking ones I can find. I also buy a wooden tortoise key holder. I really need one. Or so I had thought. It ends up being a gift to a co-worker. The entire purchase comes to CEFA 3000. I think I could have got it for less though, especially that key holder.

We commence the long drive back to Yaounde, after finally getting some petrol (Attempt 3).

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