Unspeakable Tan Lines

Day 2 – March 27, 2016

The Polygones redeems itself with a good gratuity petit-dejeuner. The coffee is so good I feel it waking me up after the first sip. Croissants, baguettes, apricot preserves and real butter, followed by delicious mangoes – all by the seaside in a polygonal terrace hanging above the shore. It is amazing. Next up, check out. And then a drive to Hotel Ilomba – an obviously super posh establishment with an amazing beachfront and a really good stone’s throw from the waterfalls. I’ve never seen anything so majestic. Thomas, the canoe guide, tries to flirt with me. I deftly deflect his compliments by letting him know my French is not so good. Of course, he was doing it for the tips. The ride is short but thrilling. The spray mists my glasses.  I can’t stop smiling and let out a few involuntary shrieks of delight. I think to myself that if this canoe tips over and a shark gets me, it would be a wonderful location to go – it is that beautiful. There is much splashing just at the shoreline because…children…haha! Good fun.

On the way to the falls, I had taken photos by a shipwrecked yacht. Close by, was a set of rocks that looked very familiar. I think my mother had been photographed on it. I decided to find the photo and include it in this entry.

Mummy in Kribi
My mom might have been in Kribi in this photo.


IMG_0443 (1024x683)
I swear it could be the same pile of rocks…!

We drive back to Gites du Kribi which is a set of cabins, treehouse and flats, adjacent The Polygones and opposite Le Plaisir du Gout, where we’ve been having most of our meals. The kids swim in the pool and then we lunch. I have barracuda for the first time. It is delicious!

After lunch, I take a longish walk on the beach. I stop at some rocks that have formed small tide pools filled with tiny black snails. There is also a largish black crab. “Allo, Monsieur Sebastien,” I call out even though I know it is the wrong colour. I dip my feet in the pool until something crawls over one of them. I shift position and let the waves wash over my feet. It feels so amazing. I don’t want to leave. But I continue walking until I get to another set of rocks which I climb. I feel like I am on one of the islands I see on National Geographic. “If I see a Komodo dragon, ehn,” I say out loud, “I will run into the sea.” Then I remember that the brutes are magnificent swimmers and leg it out of there. On my way back to the hotel, I find a wonderful shell! At Gites, we check into a wonderful family flat and while C. takes his sons to the beach, I have a short swim in the pool, shower in the pool shower (with my suit still on) and then fall asleep on a lounger. After about forty minutes, I wake up, stagger upstairs to clean up properly and begin work on this entry.

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The kids get back. Fed and showered, they begin doing what kids love to do, playing and shrieking. I decide to watch MBC 2’s edit of There’s Something About Mary on mute while playing Candy Crush Soda Saga which I just discovered on my laptop last night! Quelle dommage! Before I know it, it’s time for dinner…


It’s 8: 45 and I just passed a very pleasant evening at Le Plaisir du Gout. Beer (Mutzig), pizza (manilla) and chocolate ice cream (prepackaged cone). Some of my pizza was to go because…God! I had the “best seat in the house”, according to a new acquaintance. I did. It’s why I picked it: corner closest to the sea. Pounding waves, higher tide, crazy crabs sideways-walking all over the place. If there were lights strung over the beach, ooh la la! Had some nice conversation; got a 200 CEFA discount from my waiter; had a long, leisurely meal while being inspired for new stories. Honestly, it’s been so long since I loved myself in this manner. Now, I’m back in our flat, writing this entry with Firewall in French playing on the TV. I used more French today than any other day and I am super chuffed about it! Perhaps another Francophone holiday followed by a Russian language tour? Ooh la la!

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