La Kribienne!


Day 1 – March 26, 2016

The morning sounds are different in Yaounde. I woke up in my mosquito-net tent to the sounds of my friends’ children making children-early-morning-sounds. Intros were made. Shyness was exhibited. Gifts were given. Thank-yous were extricated. Breakfast was had and then it was time for our road trip!

The night before I found out my hosts had planned us a weekend at Kribi, a resort village a few hours south of Yaounde. Of course I fell asleep on the trip and woke up somewhere around Boumnyebel. I imagine it is like Lokoja for people travelling south in Cameroon. We finally arrive Kribi and head straight to a pleasant lasagna-and-booze lunch at friends of my friends. Post-lunch, we check into the Octagone “just for one night” until we move into a much nicer place.

Les Polygones

Kribi is a tourist friendly place – quaint wooden shacks, nice, although narrow stretches of beach. We drive a bit out of Kribi and pick a spot at Grand Batanga for some marine frolicking. I had forgotten just how salty sea water is. And at six pm I’m reminded of just how many places sand can get into.

La Plage, Grand Batanga

My hotel room has an amazing view of the sea and a gazebo that has been hijacked by some hunky-looking fellows. I had planned to sit there after dinner but I’m so woozy I decide to stay in my room. Dinner was very salty pizza at a lovely place called Plaisir du Gout.

View from my room

I had changed some money with my host, M. Holding up the three bills that make up all of 30k cefa, I’m arrogantly thinking, “At least there’s an economy that is worse than Nigeria’s.” I need water and go downstairs where I finally experience the atrocious Cameroonian service I had heard about. It takes over ten minutes to buy two bottles of water with plenty of foot dragging and unpleasantness from the middle-aged crone on duty at the front desk.

By 10: 03 pm, I’m updating this journal and trying not to fall asleep. The AC is taking it’s sweet time to cool and I regret not leaving it on all through dinner. We’re checking out of Polygones in the morning to move to La Gites de Kribi. I’m looking forward to that. Our plan for tomorrow is to visit the waterfalls and maybe take a canoe ride before a fish meal. I’m looking forward to it.

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