13 Lessons I’ve Learnt In 2013


I know I look insane but I love this photo of my nostrils!!!

Woohoo! I can smell Harmattan! And even though I live in Abuja and our Harmattans usually don’t match up to the glorious cold in Kaduna and Jos, I am excited…because the year is almost over: Christmas, graduating from the National Teacher’s Institute and well, my next birthday are all pending!

2013 has been great and I, for a fact, that the rest of November and December will be just as great, if not better!

These are some lessons that I have taken from this year:

1. Family is not always blood: That being said, it’s important to get to know family members for who they are, instead of viewing them through a fog of sentiment. Go shopping with that cousin you don’t really know, or have lunch with an uncle. Befriend them. It’s better, I have discovered, to know everyone as an individual. That way, you can weed out the toxic and embrace those that cherish you, whether they are family by blood or family by friendship.
2. I am actually strong enough: This may sound vain especially to Christians but it is true. We all have the strength we need. It’s in us already. This is what “He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world” means. We already have the Power. We just need to accept it, embrace it, access it and utilise it! Be brave enough to say, “I trust my inner wisdom!” After all, if that’s the Holy Spirit then there aint nothing wiser!
3. Words become things! I literally affirmed my home into being, including the sort of neighbourhood and landlord that I desired. My prayer was answered and every day, I give THANKS! I also know that my thoughts and frequencies and words will create the life that I desire.
4. A lot of things that happen in this country are a joke…but we have to keep believing and doing the right things because we can make a difference!
5. That being said, I also learned this year, that I really would prefer to have my options open: I would like to further my education in a country where schools aren’t affected by strikes, or mass murdering student gangs. Seriously…
6. I’m probably in love with James Franco for real
7. Everyone has friends who lack business integrity: Sometimes, even we do! Just be sure you actually want to get involved in business/project/whatever before you sign the dotted line.
8. Some people will reconnect only because they need a favour: and that’s perfectly alright! We should be leveraging our social networks anyway!
9. Choose a mate with whom you will form an effective team.
10. “Pay attention to those who take care of you” and “The universe makes allowances” are two poignant reminders from Barbara Kingsolver’sPigs In Heaven, which I read this year
11. Cinderella went to the ball. This is something I remind myself of every few months, when I feel I’m not being proactive.
12.“No one can get in the way of your creation.” I learned this from one of my teachers, Rhonda Bryne. Throughout this year, I have remembered to create wonderful things and opportunities. I am grateful for their manifestation.
13. I am a Disney Princess.


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