New Poetry (A Work In Progress)

Comforting Sounds

by Michaela Moye

Frying eggs sneeze like cats
These are the sounds of home
Purring cats on my chest, sneezing in my face
Sizzling fry ups at midnight.

I’ve had too much beer and I can hear my tortoise scratching outside.
So late – He’s still up. Scratching like the cat on my chest, purring, swiping at my turkey bone necklace, sneezing.

Fumes from fuel; Revving breaks the reverie – disgusting, familiar sound. I am drinking too much beer.
Foyer door swings open. Rusty hinges. Always with a loud slam. Pot lids, doors. Vases. No. Those smash.

What happened to silence?
It swells and breaks pus. No. Laughter; tainted by anger and madness.
And unshed tears.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ursula says:

    Love it!!! Great job Micky! 🙂

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