Jaji, Kaduna

Hey guys! What’s up?

So, we just wrapped up Fidelity Bank’s fifth creative writing workshop. It was awesome! Here’s one of the poems I wrote last week, during the workshop. I also read it at the closing ceremony on July 13.


Jaji, Kaduna


Dried leaves clatter around my feet,

Shod in last term’s Cortinas,

I stand and watch the sleepy world go by.


I smell the breeze carrying the early

Morning scent of dried pepper with kosai

Powdered ginger sprinkled over koko


(Both will invariably find their way into my brother’s eyes.)


Throwing pieces of papaya at lizards will not send them away,

I discover with my brother,

Scouring the neighbourhood, looking for tiny lizard eggs to steal


(Digging in the dirt with my fingers);


Harvesting groundnuts, eating them raw;

In someone else’s farm.

I watch the cows go by in the distance.

Even now, the warm smell of manure takes me back


To a place that I perhaps love most, frozen in time, in my mind

A childhood home; the last place where I was innocent


It is always Harmattan –

Even when I think of the heavy rainfall,

An angry sky hurling hail,

Football sized blocks of ice

Smashing my mother’s meagre pails


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tonyewilliepepple says:

    Awww, reading this again just brought memories of the event and of you reading it for the first time, nice one, beautiful and vivid imageries that makes one form a mental picture of Jaji, keep the art going sister, all the best.

  2. tonyewilliepepple says:

    Lovely work

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